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Blauhosting was established to give everyone the option to host a Website with super affordable prices. We do not solely run for a profit but rather for customer satisfaction and availability to those who cannot afford over priced hosting!

We were founded in 2021 with one goal in mind.
Our goal is to show huge companies that charge large sums of money for their hosting that it can be done differently and with compassion for the love of the Internet.

We stand for family and community at all times. We welcome anyone who wants to work with us and become a part of the Blauhosting family. We dedicate time and effort to you no matter if you are a customer or not. We will build what you ask for.

You can even join us on our mission. We are always looking for friendly and reliable staff.

We build websites for you at no cost. (Free with any hosting plan purchase)

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Blauhosting Team

We are always there for you. In case we are asleep we will answer at the first sign of light.